Fruit Infusions

Naturally 100% caffeine free

Fruit teas contain a variety of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Additionally, drinking fruit teas that do not have added caffeine-containing teas is good for your bones.

Fruit tea – one word describes it – DELICIOUS and HEALTHY.

Fruit Infusions In Boxes

Fruit Infusions In Boxes

Available in metal tin caddies of 100g loose tea, produced using the latest machinery

Fruit Infusions Tea Bags

Fruit Infusions Tea Bags

Individually wrapped foil sachets, tea bags are staple-free double chamber tea bags

Health Benefits of Tea Infusions

Experience a refreshing healthy drink without caffeine – fruit tea. A terrific ‘tea’ that is unbelievably delicious and enjoyed hot or cold! The delicious blends of various dried fruits combined with the natural flavors create a summertime cooler or a winter time summer reminder in fruit tea. Refreshing and thirst quenching and not overly sweet.

An added benefit of fruit tea is that these ‘teas’ contain Vitamin C. What could be better – a healthy drink that tastes GREAT! To enhance the flavor try adding a bit of sugar. The sugar combines with the natural flavors and intensifies the flavor. For your young children – get Popsicle forms and freeze lightly sweeten fruit tea, your kids will love it!

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