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Ceylon Tea

Ceylon teas still dominates the world of good taste and provides pleasure for those who enjoy this exquisite beverage.

Centuries-Old traditions are still the backbone of the industry, and the modernity of our times have not changed the amount of time and effort that is devoted to the pursuit of flavor and aroma assurance of outstanding quality and the sheer quantum of research and 142 years of determine Effort toward excellence of successfully propel tea added consumption to unprecedented levels.

Ceylon tea, the symbol of quality

Ceylon tea represents a choice, a science and a culture that goes far deeper than a tint that appears in a cup of heated water. First of all, in the production process of Ceylon tea ethics remain a priority. Sri Lanka ideas, so the highest standards will do recognition all and abiding by workers, rights and regular trade discipline. Well, above all, the norms and guarantees demanded by the UN Global Compact Euro gap and other internationally accepted standards. It is the only ozone freely tea in the world. Agricultural practices are in harmony with nature and continue to be environmentally friendly and completely sustainable. After all, tea is a natural product. Secondly, Ceylon tea has brought together a whole range of sensations and sensitivities over many years and decades in a practice that is really an art of tea.

Nature has been generous in granting Sri Lanka a rare blend of geographical and weather related factors, these influence and enhance the active ingredients in the tea plants cultivated in these specific agro-climatic zones. This is why there is this outstanding variety in tea from a single source.

There are seven such agro climatic zones that are ideal for tea, that income for segments of land areas of Sri Lanka at different elevations, ranging from sea level to tea gardens located six thousand feet above.

Technology keeps pace with the demands of the industry and there is emphasis on continuous improvement. Much research and development has been taken for granted, but the fact is that even the humble tea bag has been subject to scrutiny and evaluation, along with innovation, to ensure safety for users and the ecology alike, are reliable in their performance and are better for consumers.

Restaurateurs, retailers and hoteliers are endorsing the now proven fact Ceylon tea is at the very top of the specialty market. This is mainly because of the many facets of its taste profile. Above all, Tea is healthful. Tea has been positioned among discerning users of safe beverages in the present day as the finest option they have for easy and quick refreshment and have now taken the world by storm. This more than any other beverage, is clearly recognized by academia everywhere as an effective antioxidant and the most convenient to gain the most from your tea consumption experience. There is yet another time on a practice well worth examining. How would you brew your cup? No, this is not about a ceremonial elegance they're, being watchful of the correct way, starting with the quality and purity of the water. One boils and for how long, before the magical leaf of your choice and greed is infused for just the right amount of time.

Good tea deserves good water, then indeed, then you will know the difference that spells Ceylon tea. When you get it just right and just so do enjoy it. You will be happy. You chose Ceylon tea, the symbol of quality.

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