Oateo Jumbo Rolled Oats 1 kg | Quick, Healthy Breakfast | Zero Cholesterol | Heart-Healthy | High-Fibre, Whole Grain Oats


Steamed and flattened, Oateo's classic Jambo Rolled oats are a great option for anyone looking for an active lifestyle. Full of soluble fibres, essential vitamins and healthy fats, rolled oats can be used for making everything from baked goodies, dosa or even simple porridge! Packed with nutritional benefits, Oateo Jumbo Rolled Oats are not only healthy but also flavoursome.


Products Benefits

1. Healthy Fuel: A bowl of oats is much more nutritious than other cereal, with 13% more protein, 11% fibre and essential vitamins like iron, manganese per 100 grams


2. Instant Energy: Get a nutritious breakfast under 3 minutes


3. Made out of 100% whole grain


Oateo Jambo Rolled Oats (1Kg Pouch)

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