Fibre & Protein-Rich Whole Grain Oateo Oats Flour (Oats Atta)


Oateo's Oat Flour is versatile and healthy. It is an expert in enhancing immunity and stabilizing blood sugar levels. A wide range of recipes can be made with this like melt-in-the-mouth cookies, the softest bread loaves, crunchy cutlets and lots more. A must-have ingredient in your kitchen. It is a whole grain oat flour. It is gluten-free and has more protein and fibre than regular flour. This flour is healthy and filled with a lot of nutritional benefits.


  • 100% Wholegrain and High-Fibre Flour: Made out of 100% Oats No wheat flour, No refined flour/ Maida, Naturally Gluten Free*
  • Baby food: Oats flour/Atta can be incorporated in baby food
  • Healthy Atta: From roti to parathas, pancakes to cookies, Oateo oats flour enhances the nutritional value of the food.
  • Powerhouse of Nutrients: Protein-Rich, Antioxidants Rich and loaded with Vitamins & essential Minerals.
  • Freshly Packed in premium packaging to retain the freshness of the product and high shelf-life naturally. Charge Up with Oateo Oat Flour and awaken the inner superhero Hulk -energy in you. *Oats is naturally gluten-free, but since our oats are processed in a facility that process wheat and treenuts, it might contain traces of the same

Oateo Oat Flour (500g Box)

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