Black Teas

Starting your day with a cup of black tea can help make you healthy.

Our black tea collection is a burst of natural fruits together with pure Ceylon tea & flavours which, provides the true essence of natural fruits such as luscious strawberries, zesty lemon, earthy ginger and many more delightful natural fruits.

A collection of tea which has been masterfully blended to suite every desire and mood. Enjoy all year long with this ecstatic collection of Ceylon’s finest tea and the goodness of natural fruits.

Leaf Black Tea in Metal Tin Boxes

Leaf Black Tea in Metal Tin Boxes

Available in tin boxes of 100g & 125g loose tea, produced using the latest machinery

Leaf Black Tea In Soft Boxes

Leaf Black Tea In Soft Boxes

All loose leaf teas are packed in flavour-sealed foil pouches with zipper lock

Premium Black Tea Bags

Premium Black Tea Bags

Individually wrapped foil sachets, Basilur tea bags are staple-free double chamber tea bags.

Top 10 health benefits of black tea

1. Boosts Heart Health

2. Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk

3. Lower Risk Of Diabetes

4. Boosts Immunity

5. Improves Bone Health

6. Reduces Parkinson’s Risk

7. Healthy Digestive Tract

8. Lowers cholesterol

9. Aids Weight Loss

10. Reduce the risk of kidney stones