High Tea Party Catering Services In Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida

Transforming an internationally beloved, 5,000 year old beverage, into a sophisticated, premium beverage is an achievement that deserves anyone’s keen attention.

Tea & Me Catering was established by an experienced and ambitious team with the goal of filling the gap of a niche high-tea service, with exclusive tea products from around the world, offering both innovation and uniqueness in the world of tea. One of Tea & Me’s objectives is to get people to try and explore different flavours/varieties/blends to experience a truly unforgettable experience. Procuring teas from the land that is historically renowned for its prized tea leaves, Sri Lanka; Tea & Me obtains the choicest tea leaves from the very source of its growth. Tea & Me has already tied up with Basilur & Tipson Tea which offers the finest Sri Lankan teas in over 75 flavors of green, black and Oolong teas. All tea purchased are manufactured at ISO and HACCP certified factories to make sure the whole process is under strict quality controls. Teas used by us are packed in flavor-sealed foil pouches with zipper so that we offer the maximum protection to our tea.

This treasured raw material is then combined with the strengths of Tea & Me; That is, the highest quality brewing equipment, unmatched technique and experience of the tea sommeliers, to serve an exclusive, premium tea product. Tea & Me’s tea sommeliers are experienced in making all kinds of teas, keeping in mind your palette based on the season. Hot teas, Iced Teas or tea based mocktails, our team knows it all. Our unique flavours include Strawberry and cream, Marzipan, Cranberry, Maple, Sakura, Soursop, Cherry, Mango, just to name a few of our 100 plus blends serviced. Our Tea Sommeliers ensure that each person gets to try the tea of their choice at different strengths to understand the flavour whether it be mild, medium or strong. Whether it be just a Kit-tea party or a wedding our service is tailored to cater to the diverse moments; when you crave a thirst quenching drink. Our top-notch services don’t stop at tea time… We also cater lunches, brunches, cocktail parties, dinners, kitty parties, Birthday parties, Weddings, Baby Showers, Business events, Children’s tea parties, Anniversaries - you name it.

Package A


Guests: 50

  • INR 35000 (Delhi & NCR)

  • Serve 5 varieties of teas includes premium Black, Green and Oolong Teas

  • 1-2 Tea specialists

  • Tea Menu (Serve Any 5 Varieties)

Package B


Guests: 100

  • INR 60000 (Delhi & NCR)

  • Serve 20 varieties of teas which includes premium Black Tea (Flavoured & Plain), Green Tea (Flavoured & Plain) and Fruit Infusions

  • 2-3 Tea specialists

  • Tea Menu (Serve Any 20 Varieties)

Package C


Guests: 200

  • INR 80000 (Delhi & NCR)

  • Serve 30 varieties of teas which includes premium Black Teas (Flavoured & Plain), Green Teas (Flavoured & Plain), Oolong Teas and Fruit Infusions

  • 2-3 Tea specialists

  • Tea Menu (Serve Any 30 Varieties)