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The flavourful presence of Ginger is known to all. Fuse it with a hot cup of Desi chai and you have the tastiest cup of all!


With Girnar’s Ginger Chai Premix, you can now savour a cup of Ghar-jaisi Ginger Chai, with no hassle at all.


Tastefully blended to instantly make a cup of robust chai with a touch of earthy Ginger, whose subtle spiciness lingers on the palate.


Strong Desi Chai with tasteful presence of Ginger, this brew leaves your body and mind refreshed within minutes!


4 am or 4 pm, In the valley or amidst the clouds, Sailing or Flying, Homely cuddles or solo travel: ghar-jaisi Ginger chai can now be made just by adding hot water to this premix! No wonder, coming back home is not necessary to feel at home.

Girnar Instant Premix With Ginger (10 Sachets)

₹150.00 Regular Price
₹147.00Sale Price
150 Grams
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  • Benefits:

    • Instant Premix Ginger Tea.
    • Available in Low Sugar Version.
    • 10 Single Serve Sachets.
    • This Tea contains the benefits of anti-oxidants from tea with the warming effects of ginger.


    Ingredients Type:


    Dairy Whitener, Sugar, Tea Extract & Ginger.


    How to Use:
    Empty the contents of the sachet into a cup. Add 100ml of hot water (at 100 degrees) into the cup. Stir well and enjoy.
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