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Mullein tea is a flavourful beverage that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, including chronic coughs, colds, and asthma. It has a rich, aromatic taste and is made from the leaves of the common mullein, a flowering plant native to Europe, Africa, and Asia.


Our Mullein tea leaves are packed with vitamins and minerals and have many health benefits, including supporting upper respiratory health and improving digestive function. Plus, mullein leaf herb is known to soothe and relax the body. Mullein Leaf Tea is soothing when sipped warm and refreshing when served over ice. This delightful, organic tea is made with no artificial flavours or GMOs. Always caffeine free, enjoy a cup of Mullein Tea Organic any time of day!

    Mullein Leaf Tea for Respiratory Support, Loose Mullein Leaf for Lung Detox

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    50 Grams
      • 100% NATURAL MULLEIN LEAF TEA – Tea & Me Mullein leaf tea consists of premium quality handpicked mullein. Handpicked from India's finest gardens. Tea & Me teas taste as if you are sitting right in the lap of nature and having that perfect fresh sip.
      • PERFECT HERB FOR RESPIRATORY WELLNESS - Mullein tea leaf is known to fight respiratory inflammation, which in turn helps with lung detox and lung cleanse. Mullein leaf tea infusions are caffeine-free and are a wonderful alternative to any other herb in the market for respiratory wellness and breathing detox. Mullein leaves dried is known to help with removal of tar and mucus, reducing cough and improving breathing.