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Here's an overview of different types of green tea.

Sencha: Sencha is a staple in the world of green tea. Grown in direct sunlight, it boasts a bright green color and a refreshing, slightly grassy flavor. Ideal for TEA & ME enthusiasts seeking a traditional and invigorating cup.

Matcha: For a full-bodied and vibrant TEA & ME experience, there's Matcha. Ground into a fine powder, Matcha is whisked into a frothy concoction, providing a rich and creamy texture. Perfect for those who want a full, indulgent flavor in every sip.

Dragon Well (Longjing): Hailing from China, Dragon Well is renowned for its flat, jade-green leaves and a smooth, chestnut-like flavor.

Gunpowder Green: Named for its rolled pellet-like appearance, Gunpowder Green unfolds into a robust and powerful infusion. Ideal for TEA & ME enthusiasts who prefer a bold, brisk cup with a hint of smokiness.

Genmaicha: Genmaicha combines green tea leaves with toasted brown rice, resulting in a unique and toasty flavor profile.

Hojicha: Hojicha stands out with its roasted green tea leaves, offering a distinctive caramel-like flavor and a reddish-brown infusion. This tea provides a comforting and warming experience for relaxation.

Gyokuro: Gyokuro is shaded before harvest, resulting in a tea with a vibrant green color and a sweet, umami flavor. Known as the highest grade of Japanese green tea, Gyokuro is a luxurious choice for TEA & ME enthusiasts seeking a refined experience.

Cheers to the wonderful journey of discovering and savoring the diverse world of green tea! 🍵✨ #TEAandME #GreenTeaVarieties #TeaLovers


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