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Tea cup and tea pot with freshly brewed tea


Tea & Me is an Indian design-led tea brand founded by Gupta brothers in 2011. Buy tea online or from our exclusive tea shop in Delhi, Gurgaon, there are over 200 different kinds of teas (both hot and cold; with and without milk; Flavored and Non Flavored).

We've painstakingly sourced some of the finest teas available from gardens across the world. We work with only whole & broken leaves (never dust). Our teas are high-quality but at an affordable price point. Our range is designed to appeal to a younger customer seeking a unique tea experience with a focus on herbals and wellness. We only source high-quality teas, trying and tasting hundreds of new varieties and combinations, to bring you our finest selection of teas back to our excellent Tea & Me Stores.

Our unique tea blends, provides excellent flavour profiles that remain consistent throughout the seasons. Stocking over 200 different teas, herbal infusions and tea making accessories for Retails, Cafes, Hotels, Spas, bars and restaurants.

We're on a mission to get for you the world drinking quality teas that are good for people's health.

Having spent the last ten years running companies in the hospitality & retail sectors we've learned a thing or two about what customers want and how to create products and services that keep customers coming back.

We've poured everything we know about delivering an outstanding service into Tea & Me and You’ll find no old fashioned business values here either.


Just tea and goodness - for our fellow tea drinkers.

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