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Hibiscus tea may not be a categorical tea as it doesn’t come from the Camellia Sinensis plant like black tea and green tea, but it’s a beautiful infusion that is delicious whether served hot and steaming or when chilled with ice as a refreshing summer pick-me-up. It also has the benefit of being caffeine-free, making it a delectable choice for those wanting to sip all the health benefits of hibiscus flowers without the caffeine crash.

For ages (especially in Asia and the Middle East) hibiscus tea has been used as a herbal remedy for better health and well-being. Its sip-worthy roots can even be traced back to ancient Egypt when the new was used to reduce fever and fend off heart problems. The pretty roselle buds can also be found in a ton of tinctures and syrups and are often added to recipes in India, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and in remedies that span the globe – from the mountains of Nepal to the islands of the Caribbean.

Dried Hibiscus Flower, Hibiscus Flower Pure Herbal Tea - 100% Organic Herbal Tea

₹499.00 Regular Price
₹399.20Sale Price
50 Grams
  • Tea & Me offers high quality hibiscus flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.). Hibiscuses are shrubs and small trees that produce beautiful, colourful trumpet-shaped flowers. Tea & Me hibiscus flowers are hand-picked and sun-dried which gives the flowers its natural red colour and fruity flavour.

    Hibiscus flowers have a long history of traditional use and are known for its calming and relaxing properties. Hibiscus is also known for supporting a healthy cardiovascular system, and heart health. Contains powerful antioxidants that protect and repair cells, Offers a rich source of iron to support strong blood and circulation, Helps reduce blood sugar levels by prohibiting the absorption of carbohydrates, Supports weight loss and weight management goals, Calms the digestive system and offers gastrointestinal relief.


    Hibiscus tea is a delicious treat any time of day. The slightly sour taste is full of tang, the colour a true treat when you want to serve something bright and beautiful, and all the health benefits come in as an added bonus. From a delicious cocktail base to a cosy cup on the sofa, hibiscus tea is the perfect reminder of how plant power can be the perfect remedy.

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