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The cozy tea time at your favourite Tea House. It’s a blend of pure Ceylon black tea with flower petal and creamy flavour that will take you to that old fashioned tea house in a settled neighbourhood, where you can sit back and relax with your friends remembering the good old times and making plans for new adventures.

Basilur Tea House, Gifts for NewYear

SKU: 70274
100 Grams
  • Black tea 100g Loose/Leaf tea from the lower elevations of Ceylon, with white & blue cornflower and flavour peach and cream. Long leaf tea grade BOP1. Cup colour is light to medium.

    Ingredients:     White & blue cornflower and flavour peach and cream

    100g loose/leafy tea packed into a foil pouch with zipper lock and then into a beautifully crafted metal tin designed by Basilur.

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