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Following the ancient Chinese tea culture, Ceylon green tea posses many different characteristics and tastes unique to Sri Lanka. In ancient china where tea originates from, created a tea ceremony by the Chinese emperors and those who valued tea as a noble beverage. Today the Chinese tea ceremonies are considered royal and require many skills and years of practice to perfect. Inspired by the Chinese green teas, the Ceylon green teas are grown in breathtaking tea gardens in Sri Lanka and green tea is produced from the exact tea plant as black tea known as Camellia Sinensis.

"The Island Of Tea" Green

SKU: 70287
100 Grams
  • A healthy and refreshing tea with light and soothing cup. Renowned for its antioxidants, this amazing Ceylon green tea blend with truly "steaming cup of medicine" is a treat for the connoisseur.

    100% Pure Ceylon green tea from the higher elevations ( high grown) of Ceylon.

    100g loose leaf tea packed in flavour-sealed foil pouches with zipper lock and into uniquely designed metal tin caddies.

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