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Enjoy a glorified summer in your tea cup with this summery blend of Basilur’s exquisite Ceylon green tea together with natural freeze dried strawberries, diced cranberries and the exotic flavours of Cantaloupe, Forest Fruits and Passion Fruits. A delightful treat which will transport you to a forest of trees, humming birds and golden sunshine.  An all-day tea which can be enjoyed with a touch of pure golden honey. The symphony of flavours in this special blend will sing on your palate while you savour the taste of summer all year long.

Tea Book Volume III (Green) Tea Gift 2024

SKU: 70289
100 Grams
  • 100% Pure Ceylon green, long leaf teas with additives.

    Ingredients: STRAWBERRY, CRANBERRY with MELON & CANTALOUPE flavoring

    100g loose/leaf tea packed into a foil pouch with zipper lock and then into a beautifully crafted metal tin designed by Basilur.

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