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We all need a nice, mild tea that we can fall back on when we are having a tough day. That’s why Chamomile tea makes the cut as a must-have in your tea collection. This tea is made out of the dried, daisy-like Chamomile flower. It is one of the most popular herbal teas in the world both due to its mild refreshing taste and the abundance of health benefits it hoards. It has been used mainly for its calming and soothing properties in many cultures over the years. Some of the well-known health benefits of Chamomile tea include improving sleep quality, promoting digestive health, benefiting blood sugar control, improving heart health and helping with stress and anxiety. Also, Chamomile tea is caffeine-free. So, it’s the best pick for you if you want to avoid the caffeine content of black or green tea. 

Chamomile Tea for Relaxation

SKU: 71221
50 Grams
  • There is no tea in these blends, caffeine free! 100% pure Chamomile flowers, no additives.

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