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Pure Ceylon tea masterfully blended by Basilur with the tangy sweet flavours of juicy tangerine. A marriage of exotic natural ingredients for an unforgettable cup of World’s finest tea. A perfect after dinner accompaniment ideal to be enjoyed with a chocolaty dessert.


SKU: 70532
100 Grams
  • Experience a delightful explosion of an exquisite citrus taste on your palate with this rare combination of zesty tangerine peel, and other natural citrus fruits together with Ceylon's finest leafy black tea.

    Basilur's Tangerine tea is a refreshing treat to add an extra zing during any time of day.

    Ingredients: Orange peel, Orange Flower and Lemon

    100g loose/leaf tea packed into a foil pouch with zipper lock and then into a beautifully crafted metal tin designed by Basilur.

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