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A magical collection of black & green teas reinventing the original flavours. An assortment of four different fruit teas of your favourite choice. Enjoy Basilur collection of black and green teas and open the doors to health, wisdom and happiness.

8 foil enveloped tea bags x 4 types of tea packed into a metal caddy.

Collection No.1 Assorted

SKU: 70333
56 Grams
  • Mix of green tea & fruity black teas

    Green tea & black tea in double chamber tea bags with individual foil sachet/envelope, from the high grown elevations of Ceylon with an assortment of 8 sachets each of STRAWBEERY KIWI/RASPBERRY ROSEHIP/WHITE MAGIC/GREEN FRESHNESS. A mixture of pure green tea with flavours and black tea with flavours.

    Strawberrry & Kiwi - Combining the natural fruits, sweet & luscious falvour of strawberry and the subtle essence of kiwi with bright Ceylon black tea, a delicious fruit tisane.

    Raspberry & Rosehip - A melange of pure Ceylon black tea together with natural fruits and rosehip, and flavour of raspberry make the perfect healthy drink you could dream about.

    Green Freshness - This connoisseur's delight of healthy green tea is masterfully blended with a touch of mint to give you a rich, sensual taste.

    White Magic - An exotic blend of milky Oolong green tea, fragranced in the traditional age old method adding to an enchanting and delightful scent and flavour.

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