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Just shy of being the coolest tea ever, this young wildling offers you its heart as it twists and yawns in the hot water. Shielded within the guarded embrace of the big old wild trees, these baby buds are found nestled deep within the mountain forests of Manipur. 

Century old giants grow on these slopes, unhurried and unbound, and only a few intrepid explorers dare to venture forth and carefully pick the wild exotic leaves. Plucked before they are jaded with the perils of adulthood, the youthful joy is palpable in  this cup. This handpicked brew yields a delicate bouquet of floral and  sweet summer child vibes.

Wild White Tea

₹599.00 Regular Price
₹539.10Sale Price
50 Grams
  • Each little flavour in your tea has been picked from within the deep forest. Only about 50 people know the secrets of the trees that grow amidst the mountains in the North East. So while you sip your tea, know that to get it to you, we have gone beyond the gardens, and plucked a piece of purity for you.

    The Wild Origin : Tucked away on the remote mountain forests of Manipur are century old tea trees. These untouched, tall trees give us big, bold leaves that impart a flavour so unique that you can taste the potent, wilder and richer notes in your cup of tea

    Tasting Notes : A light brew, this cup has a bouquet of floral notes that open up in the hot water. With a sweet finish, this cup is refreshing and light.

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