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English Breakfast Tea

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

English Breakfast is everyone's favourite blend. It's the best known of all the blends and what is it? It's always used to be a blend of Ceylon tea, a base of Ceylon tea, a tea from Sri Lanka and that's nice and strong and rich in flavouring.

English Breakfast has to be strong because it's supposed to cut through that traditional English breakfast of bacon and eggs and sausages.

English Breakfast

So it's gotta have some oomph to it and it's got to have enough oomph also to get your day off to a proper start and it's gotta be able to take milk because the vast majority of us like to drink milk with our breakfast tea. We do it in three forms, what we call full leaf, what we call fine leaf and also in tea bags. What that means is it's got a large leaf or it's got a small leaf or it comes in tea bags. The large leaf is a grade called OP one, Orange Pekoe one, so that's the full leaf grade and it gives a really, really fine flavour.

How to Make English Breakfast Tea

You need to brew it for six minutes or more. Six minutes minimum, really, to get the full flavour from it. It doesn't have that real deep strength, but it's got that wonderful quality of flavour. Fine leaf we would recommend more for cafes because it brews much more quickly. So if you want a lot of strength or if you're running a cafe, the fine leaf is the one to go for.

The teabags, don't think of them, please, as being of lower quality. It's a very, very fine Ceylon Fannings that use for the teabags. And all of the English Breakfast also has a percentage of Assam properties in it and that gives it rich, multi-character blends with some base and oomph.

English Breakfast, a wonderful, wonderful blend. Assam and Ceylon, great to start your day or just drink it all day through.

And one more point I would like to add, if you live in a soft water area and you want a strong tea, English Breakfast would be better for you.

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